2044coverAn engineer discovers a cheap, easy way to take the salt out of seawater. Cheap unlimited fresh water would benefit everyone –- but it threatens businesses who like things as they are.

2044 starts where George Orwell’s 1984 left off. The problem isn’t Big Brother and the leviathan government. The problem is Big Brother, Inc., and the all-powerful marketplace.

—  “Incredibly well-written and thought-provoking, both riveting and disturbing.” OpEdNews.com

—  “Having just finished up Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Lotke’s book came at just the right time during my own reading cycle.” Lost at Sea magazine

—     One of ten books published in 2009 “worthy of your time and money.”  Energy Bookshelf

“Packs a Polemical Punch.” Reality Based Community.


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