Eric Lotke writes from the heart of the progressive movement.

When 2044 came out, Eric worked at SEIU (a labor union, “justice for janitors”) because he believes in working people working together. For the previous five years he was Research Director at the Campaign for America’s Future, a progressive think tank.  He published headline research on subjects ranging from health care to clean energy to manufacturing.

Before that, Eric worked in and around the criminal justice system. He ran programs for troubled youths and for people returning from prison. As an attorney, he represented inmates in a groundbreaking lawsuit against the private Corrections Corporation of America, and he pioneered litigation over excessive, non-competitive pricing of prison phone calls. As Soros Justice Fellow, he authored original research on the electoral impact of the U.S. Census Bureau counting people in prison where they are confined rather than their original homes.

Eric has taught law school classes and flushed every toilet in the D.C. Jail. He lives with his wife and two children in Arlington, Virginia.


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